Colors of the Wind

Last week was the 21st anniversary of the release of Disney’s Pocahontas. That means that for 21 years, I have had the same favorite movie and I feel very compelled to tell everyone about the impact that it has had on my life. “But Lesli, don’t you know that Disney embellished the story by making Pocahontas older […]

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I’m Totally a Local

The last couple of weeks I’ve been able to spend a lot of time in Belgium, which has helped me become a lot more comfortable in my own city, and I was thus a much more qualified tour guide for my parents! Now before I venture off to spraaang break, I will update everyone on […]

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Global Citizenship

My time abroad has taught me what it means to develop as a global citizen. It is about evolving from a tourist to a traveler; it is about exploring a new place in order to further explore yourself; it is about breaking out of your comfort zone to discover your own strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes; it […]

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Immigration in Europe’s Capital

Immigration in Belgium is very unique, even compared to the rest of Europe. Flanders is much more heavily influenced by the Netherlands and they share similar language and culture, but Wallonia is more influenced by neighboring France and shares similar language and culture with them. In the far east of Belgium, there is a small […]

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Sustainability in Belgium

As I’ve said before, everything in Belgium is divided. Trash is no exception! Not only is everything recycled into separate bags, but each category goes in different colored trash bags. You can buy most of the bags at the grocery store; I learned very quickly that “poubelle” is the word used for trash bag after I had a […]

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